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IPT Care's

Health Care Organizations

All our solutions are provided with the aim of providing the following:

Providing innovative complaint platforms that reduce depends on paper forms,
Trusted personnel and service to client
Personal service that identifies with individual in the service rather than institutions served.
Cost effectiveness and efficiencies

i-Care Health App

We offer solutions to your short-term care needs through our i-Care Health App . Our platform provides a care professional and an institution a marketplace from which they can meet. Organization benefits have been

 Reduces the overall cost of recruitment for locum staff,
 Reduce paper work hassle,
 Do away with timesheet and invoice administrative burden.
 Compliance audits are completed quickly
 Provides management oversight over distant location
 Helps inform decision making

Easy Access


We also help organizations recruit talent from aboard


International Recruitment.

We help organizations recruit talent from aboard (Outside the European Union) covering the following job roles:

All general specialties, including (but not limited to) Medical, Surgical, Orthopedics, Elderly Medicine, Oncology, Theatres, Gynecology, Pediatrics, PICU, NICU, ICU & CCU.
Radiographers (Diagnostic), Cardiac Physiologists (Invasive/Non-Invasive), Biomedical Scientists, Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists and Social Workers.
We provide employers with candidates at various stages in their journey to seeking opportunities in the UK and beyond. Most of the candidates would have gone through our English Languages training for them to sit their exams.
Employers with Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) seeking to recruit from aboard . We handle all our international recruitment through our portal.
At IPT Care, We carry out an none obligatory cost benefit analysis of your international recruitment decision in the medium to long-term of hiring from aboard to fill out your vacancies.